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Book Review

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Title:     Redsands

Subtitle:     Redsands Book 3

Author:     IA Mullin

Genre:     Young Adult - Fantasy - Epic

Review:     Redsands is the third book in the Redsands series by I.A. Mullin. In this final installment, trust and friendship will be tested thoroughly. Just when Marquiese, Earek, and Marilana think they will finally have peace, things change. The Kingdom of Redsands is about to be attacked by outside forces that are hellbent on its destruction. Stuck in the midst of it all, our favorite trio face challenges unlike anything before. Marilana decides to stand up and fight for her homeland, but for that, she needs the help of Earek and Marquiese. However, Marquiese faces issues of his own. He needs to pull himself together if he wants to help her and make sure she succeeds in her quest. It is not going to be easy and it never was. However, the three of them must have faith in each other and trust each other. Will they be able to stay by each others' sides? Or is everything going to change forever?

This final installment of the Redsands series is just as exciting and thrilling as the previous novels in the series. The characters are fully developed, they are well-rounded and they bring something substantial to the plot. The story flows seamlessly, the narrative is super smooth and the characters get plenty of time to lure readers in. The subplots are finely handled, they are developed to add to the main plot and keep the story going. The connection between Earek, Marquiese, and Marilana is exceptionally delicate yet real at the same time. The three of them rely on each other, they seek guidance from each other and look out for one another. The conclusion of the story is surprising yet very fitting. Another job well done by author I.A. Mullin.