Greetings to all Virtual Convention Attendees!

I know I am not the only one who has missed going to conventions this year. I have really missed getting out and seeing all the fandoms come together to celebrate past legends and future expectations. I hope some of you have gotten the chance to participate in a virtual con. If so, my wish is that you enjoy the expereince! I know shoping online is not as much fun as browsing the Dealer Room, but I hope you still find something you like.
As a lover of Dealer Room deals, I want to offer all lovers of fantasy books this discount coupon for my store for the rest of 2020.
Just enter code CON2020 at check out for a special discount!
See you next year!


CON2020 discount code valid for online purchases 9/10/2020 - 12/31/2020.




Redsands cover V3 front


IA Mullin

The Kingdom of Redsands stands on the precipice of disaster. Outside forces are aiming to eliminate the royal family and throw the kingdom into chaos. Marilana, intelligent and deadly, has chosen the path to defend her homeland, her family, and her friends. Unfortunately her enemies are aware of her intentions and plan to render her skills useless. In order to survive, Marilana will need Marquiese and Earek more than ever before. Marquiese, however, is entangled in his own feelings of betrayal and loss. If the friends are to save the kingdom and themselves, they will have to push the bounds of skill, compassion, patience, and trust.
Find out how the story ends in Redsands, Redsands Book 3.








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