Avio Publishing Services
So you’ve written a manuscript and now you don’t know what to do next? You’ve come to a great place to start, or continue, your publishing journey. Avio Publishing has services to help any author. Whether you just want help to self-publish, help to refine your manuscript for a traditional publisher, or you’re interested in publishing with a small independent publisher, we have services for you.

The first step to working with Avio Publishing is a consultation. We can talk about what you need, what you want to achieve, and what steps we recommend to reach your goals. Consultations can be arranged for email or phone, as well as in-person meetings for Northeastern Colorado authors. Send us a message and enable your manuscript to take wing!

Free Publishing Consultation - Time to decide what your manuscript needs next? We’ll help!

Manuscript Critique - Want an honest opinion about your manuscript? We’ll give you a detailed report on how your story read and suggestions on what steps you might need next.

Ebook/Print File Conversion - Do you have a print ready file and need help converting it to an ebook? Do you have an ebook you want to print? We’ll make sure the conversion happens smoothly and cleanly.

Ebook/Print File Formatting - Is your manuscript finished and designed? We’ll handle the formatting and you’ll have files ready for printing or ebook publishing. Includes ebook and print file conversion.

Ebook/Print Interior Design - You have a typed manuscript and don’t know what to do with it? We’ll help you choose a layout, chapter headings, fonts, and interior imagery to turn your manuscript into a polished product ready for publishing. Includes formatting and file conversion.

Cover Design - Every book needs a good cover. We’ll work with the cover designer of your choice or contract one of our own.

Editing - Every book needs editing. From full content editing to final proofreading we’ll work with the editor of your choice or contract one of our own.

Full Publishing from Manuscript to Book - Want to publish with us and become one of our authors? We’ll work with you on a royalty based contract. We’ll handle the design steps right alongside you to create the book you desire. You’ll publish under our name with our ISBN, but be prepared to help market your finished book, readers love to meet the author not the publisher.

Custom Fantasy Map/Image Digital Creation - Do you want a map of your world included in your print or ebook? Would you like some simple images to highlight your book interior? Let us help. Author IA Mullin provides her skills in digitally creating fantasy maps and simple images for book interiors.