Greetings to all Virtual Convention Attendees!

I know I am not the only one who has missed going to conventions this year. I have really missed getting out and seeing all the fandoms come together to celebrate past legends and future expectations. I hope some of you have gotten the chance to participate in a virtual con. If so, my wish is that you enjoy the expereince! I know shoping online is not as much fun as browsing the Dealer Room, but I hope you still find something you like.
As a lover of Dealer Room deals, I want to offer all lovers of fantasy books this discount coupon for my store for the rest of 2020.
Just enter code CON2020 at check out for a special discount!
See you next year!


CON2020 discount code valid for online purchases 9/10/2020 - 12/31/2020.




News and Upcoming Event for author IA Mullin!

We are pleased to anounce the publishing of IA Mullin's second book in her Redsands series, Maefair. You can learn more on our Books page. Her third book in the Redsands series is in the editing process and is slated to be released late in 2018. In honor of the release of Maefair (Redsands Book 2) IA Mullin will be at the Eaton Public Library on December 8, 2017 from 3-6pm signing copies of her new book. Hope to see you there!

release_posterMaefair cover v4 front

Thoughts from IA Mullin for March 2017

At the beginning of March, I had the privilege to be a presenter at the Eaton Middle School Career Day. I talked to three groups of students about how to start down the path to become an author. I told them to learn about themselves and the world around them. The keynote speaker for the day also talked about paying attention to the world around them as they go through school. The whole day made me stop and think about my own school years. I had been a student in that very building, most of the teachers I knew have since retired, but I could see the same types of interactions between the students and teachers that I had seen as a student. Some students prefer to stay to the sides, wanting to be anywhere but school, while many students work hard to do what their teachers ask of them. It was therefore inevitable for me to recognize yet again the important role that teachers play in the lives of all their students. Every student is affected by the personality and charisma of that individual standing at the front of the room. Some teachers lose sight of that connection, and some make better connections with the students than with their parents, but every teacher will have an impact.

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